Who Is This Red Hook Chicken Guy?

See? Chickens are fun to hold!

My name is Jason Stroud, and there are two things I have done consistently throughout my nearly 44 years: 1) lived in cities; 2) raised chickens in those cities. Los Angeles, Paris, New York–wherever I’ve lived, I’ve built coops and raised chickens.

Why? Chickens–hens, specifically–are the easiest and most productive pets in the world. I sell chickens (raising them from the time they’re hatched); I build urban- and chicken-friendly coops; I sell healthy chicken feed; and I’ll give you as much advice as you can handle.

I live in Red Hook, Brooklyn–where I also run an antiques restoration business and sell furniture–along with my wife (the writer and blogger of ), our three children, two dogs, and a parrot.

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